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What is ImagineBox?

At ImagineBox we are passionate about reading and that’s why we offer more than just books, we guarantee you an experience every month when you receive one of our surprise literary boxes, different for each person. We are not just a bookshop and we don’t just give you any literary box, we make the emotion of the surprise increase your passion for reading.

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Ideal for the little ones. Book, surprise article and literary extras every month.
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For lovers of reading. Book, surprise article and literary extras every month.


Designed for families who want to save money. Combine Kids and Adult as you like.

Why Buy From Us?

Because our subscription is different from any other because we base our service on your tastes to send you literary novelties accompanied by surprise articles and literary extras. Add books to your wish list, personalise your literary preferences and much more.

Literary novelties

You will always receive newly published literary novelties unless you indicate otherwise.

Discount subscriptions

Get a discount with contract lenght of 3 months or more.

First change free

If you have received a book that you already own, don't like or don't want, you can request an exchange. The first one for free.

Get 25% off your first subscription

Use the code HELLOUK and get 25% off your first subscription.

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Fast support

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