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What books will I receive?

You will always receive books based on your tastes and literary preferences that you can modify whenever you want from your personal area. In addition, you will always receive recently published novelties! 

How do I pay the subscription?

The subscription is paid every month, until you decide to pause or cancel it, through your credit or debit card. 


When do I receive each box?

You will receive your first box in approximately 7 working days. Every 33 days you will receive a new box until you decide to pause or cancel your subscription. 

What if I don't want a book or have already read it?

No problem! We make sure that this does not happen thanks to the literary test and the preferences you indicate, but if it does happen, the first change is completely free of charge. If you want more changes in the future, you can order as many as you want at a cost of £6 each.